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Site Features:

Stipper Angels is a customizable online adult 3d sex game. Stripper Angels is the only virtual stripper game of its kind! You decide the your girl's outfits, customize the music, and make your desktop girl do whatever you want! You make money by controlling the 3D stripper's dance. The more exotic and exciting the dance, the more cash you make. The more cash you make, the more outfits, dances, and lighting you can use. Ever wanted to have full control of a 3d sexy stripper without going to a strip club? Do whatever you want to your virtual girlfriend, no bouncers in this online strip club...we promise!

*Sexy 3D Video Game Hotties

*High Performance Sex Game Engine

* Interactive Stip Moves

* XXX Virtual Strip Club

* 3D Outfits and Sexy Clothes

* Virtual Sex Shop Collectibles

* 100% Authentic Online Strip Club Content

How real is this online strip club?

The very same motion-capture 3D technology in animated films was used to capture the sensuous movement of live exotic dancers. This is the most realistic and arousing software and fun game you'll ever enjoy.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7
1.0 Ghz Pentium 4 or equivalent
200MB Hard Drive space
512MB Ram; DirectX9


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