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Site Features:

3d Sex Trooper is the #1 adult 3d game. For just $19.95 you can play all the filthy explicit action of an rpg porn game immediately on your Windows based PC.


3D Sex Trooper: Escape

You are special agent Dylan Owens of the Genetic development Ministry. A situation has developed in the departments most secret research locations. You have been called upon to investigate why contact has been lost with the station and determine the status of the top secret alpha female engineering program.

3D Sex Trooper: Resurrection

If successful you will be rewarded with a neverending wave of cyberbabe whores to serve you. But Fail and it could mean a lifetime of shameful masturbation staring at pictures of your grandmother naked. lol WTF?

3D Sex Trooper: Revenge

3d sex trooper establishes a totally new and unique content delivery system which offers users a completely different set of individually playable games in evolving chapters. Using this system, not only do the games change on a monthly basis, but users have access to several alternate adventures each month each which unique challenges.

Your goal is to help the 3d hentai girls of 3D Sex Trooper escape the clutches of the virtual porn world of Alpha Ministries: Genetic Engineering Program.

New Chapters of interactive 3d sex games await you every month. All episodes of 3D Sex Trooper are rendered at the highest levels. This means that your virtual porn experience will be as realistic as possible!


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